Flipgear Duo Wireless Mic - WM2200DUO

Flipgear Duo Wireless Mic - WM2200DUO

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Professional UHF Wireless Handsfree WM2200DUO U With Rechargeable Battery

You can connect to any karaoke system and sing along. Easy to Use .Just plug and auto connect to receiver. Find out the sound quality effect you like. The wireless mic sound quality effect can be almost the same as the effect of the wired microphone so the tone of the sound has become a reference, to the standard of a wired microphone, you can easily select the core to select the sound quality. We used to do experiments in the KTV room: to appropriately reduce the launch power of the handle (20-30 meter in use distance), using the "map four color principle" method,each separated two room. It can also connect to multi mic with different frequency.


If the receiver of the rain station should be set at high distance( for example:10meter) the frequencyalarm can be reused,such as if the receiver of the rain station only needs to separate the fixed distance. (for example, 10 meter) with automatic static speech and shock elimination circuit, to avoid the middle stroke and noise of the gouge machine. the handle has the function of LED digital tube display, and can directly pull the current display frequency. wireless transmission effective distance 30-50 meter) the battery circuit designed by hand has overcharge and over-discharge protection. the simple operation interface and the few adjustable part can completely avoid the mulfunction caused bye misoperation. excellent speech quality, so that you can talk or song are loose and free. The mic data is send bt wireless to the receiver match the frequency.if the match successful, the frequency can switched between 10 frequency. and the handeld can change the frequency at any time then the receiver will follow the handheld to adjust the frequency automatically and jump to the corresponding frequency. provides the flexibility of frequency setting.


Frequency: 676-697MHz

the channel number of 10 conservative values each times the positive .ID. in the manufacturer set the switch.

Oscillation mode DSP chip frequency locking
frequency stable 10pm
RF efficiency 10 dBm
FG 40-18000Hz
distortion <0.59
battery specification : 1.5V/AA Size battery
dedicated time 4-8Hours (specification1 : frequency norm 676-679MHz,depending on battery type and capacity.

The products using frequency hooping have been widely recognized by the market, and meet the requirement of the most products such as KTV room hand towing box, suitcase, teaching , personal entertainment, set-top box wireless speaker , SOUND-BAR wireless bass and so on.

Frequency :676-697MHz

the number of channels is 10 (each conservative value is timed by ID lattice, in the manufacturer's frequency)

Oscillation mode DSP chip frequency fixed
rate stability + 10 ppm bonding instruction -95-71dBm