Baseus S1 Pro TWS Earphones - Tarnish

Baseus S1 Pro TWS Earphones - Tarnish

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Light and ergonomic earplugs
The earplug is only 3,5g heavy for comfortable wearing for a long time. Three sizes of silicone pads allow perfect adaptation to ear shape without falling risk! The ergonomic shape, that is a hollow with inclination angle of 108°, guarantees pressure balance.

Advanced functions
ANC – active noise canceling
ASM – collection of data from surrounding
ENC – MEMS microphone guarantees clear sounds
LDS antennas – stable signal transmission
HI-FI – surround sound
Battery life – even 24 hours!

Intuitive control
The control panel located on the earplugs casing lets you easily and comfortably turn on, off and switch. All you have to do is gently touch it – sensitive-to-touch earplugs react instantly.

Fast trab
The earplugs connect via smart control systems. This way the connection is stable and there are no delays. You can choose to emit the sound through two or one earplug.

LDS technology – precise laser signal
The manufacturer has used more advanced LDS large-format antenna which relies on precise laser signal. It guarantees:
stronger signal range,
extended transmission area,
effective removal of signal interference.
Also wireless signal in technology V5.1 is stable as it offers faster connection, lower power consumption as well as fast sound transmission. The optimized sound coding and decoding algorithm allows AV synchronization in real time, avoiding delays when playing games and watching broadcasts.

Listen to music for 24 hours!
Bluetooth Wireless 5.1 limits power consumption and prolongs use of earplugs. When noise reduction function is active, the product operates for about 5 hours, when you use the case – it can be up to one day!

High-quality AAC / SBC decoding for better sound than CDs
High-quality AAC/SBC decoding means clear sound and deep bass. It is possible thanks to a composite membrane and moving 10-mm coils. Improve quality of your experiences and power of sounds live!

Ambient noise reduction – ANC technology
Thanks to use of ANC technology, the earplugs with high-duty double-core DSP processing unit intercept background noise in various frequency bands. It happens through a microphone, being very sensitive to noise. It reduces noise at about 28dB level. You can also set Ambient Sound Mode (long press the key) and therefore activate collecting sounds from the background.

Convenient wireless charging
Place earplugs in the case on the charger which supports QI wireless systems. Enjoy convenient and instant charging.

Brand: Baseus
Case size: 46 x 24 x 61 mm
Earplug size: 33 x 21 mm
Material: ABS+PC
Version: V5.1
Communication distance: 10 m
Standby time: 300 h
Music playing time: 4,5 h (70% volume, ANC activated) 5 hours (70% volume, ANC inactive)
Music playing time with charger: 20-24 h
Storage battery capacity: 40 mAh/0,148 Wh (earplugs) 380mAh/1,406Wh (charging case)
Charging time: about 1,5 h
Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz response range
Charging interface: Type-C
Compatible with: all wireless devices